Friday, July 13, 2012

Show and Tell

I just couldn't help myself... so much more to write!

Yesterday morning, Roger and I headed off to the public pool in town. We joked about it being postage-stamp sized and laughed about what swimming laps might look like. When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised at how beautiful, modern and big it was - and just under those gorgeous mountains.  A group of elderly ladies was doing water aerobics but once they finished their class, we were the only ones in the pool. (until a bunch of kids arrived)

On our walk up there I was telling him the story I'd heard about El Bruc. Napoleon and his troops were in the process of invading Spain but there was someone in El Bruc with a certain kind of drum and he started beating it and others started playing their drums and Napoleon and Co. heard the sound and thought it was gunfire and retreated and therefore El Bruc was spared. It all sounds too good to be true, but as we approached the pool, Roger looked up and said, "Oh, there's the drummer boy," and when I gazed up I saw a big statue/monument of a man (boy?) with a drum around his neck, proud expression on face. It was such crazy timing. I'd JUST finished the story.

Last night was the "show and tell" where we got to see what everyone was working on. The whole evening felt like the best lecture at the best university. Everyone's work was so intelligent, interesting and diverse. I presented my Pecha Kucha and it went over well. Here are some other glimpses into the night...

 Daisy and Taro try on Jill's arm warmers.

 Rebecca talks about her performance art.

 April's wonderful artwork.

 Pamela's incredible woodcuts

Roger shows off his watercolors.
Melissa and her coat of armor.

Yesterday, after my swim, I came back here and dug into the novel that I brought here to finish. The holes/problems/concerns were so obvious. I see very clearly what I need to add, what I need to subtract and how this will all come together, which is a huge relief.

You know how sometimes in life you just know you are in the exact place you are supposed to be? This is one of those times.


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