Friday, September 26, 2014

Upon Closer Inspection

When you cross the bridge over the lagoon in my neighborhood, you reach an area that, at first glance, can best be described as rich tract housing. But like with most things, upon closer inspection it is full of wonderful details.

Crossing the bridge

The neighborhood is designed on a grid, and most homes face public parks

Sure, some houses are tacky, but others are funky and classy:

Tacky or funky? You decide...
There are fun little details all over the neighborhood:

You just have to open your eyes.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Curve

I find that I am often behind the curve, especially in my pop culture consumption. I caught The Sopranos years after it first aired (loved it) and still haven't seen a single episode of Orange is the New Black. I have just discovered Louis C.K. and have been binge watching these dark, brilliant, thoughtful, funny episodes at an alarming rate. Everyone was talking about him years ago, and now I finally get it.

My friend John, from college, was ahead of the curve. In 1986 he was obsessed and consumed with the Brady Bunch. He even wrote a book proposal and submitted it to a prestigious publishing company. It was rejected. Flash forward 5 years and the Brady Bunch was everywhere - books, theater shows, movies. John's only flaw was that he was ahead of the curve.

My book "Bear Witness" is finally coming out in March. This labor of love was essentially finished a few years ago but it has taken this long to find a publisher. My impatience with this project has been palpable, but now I am wondering if things are unfolding just as they should be. In the past few weeks I've learned of two other "true crime" or rather, "inspired by true crime" projects that are slated for release in the coming months: Miss Meadows, a film starring Katie Holmes and initially inspired by the Polly Klaas case, as is my book, and The Face of an Angel, starring Kate Beckinsale and inspired by the Amanda Knox case. Perhaps some things aren't ahead of or behind the curve, but simply riding the curve? I suppose only time will tell.