Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hola El Bruc

Yesterday I was required to take the metro to some bus shed in Barcelona, find the right bus, ask the driver if it was going to El Bruc, board, get off at a bar in El Bruc and wait for a grey mini-van to pick me up. It all sounded very suspect and vague, but I managed to figure it all out. It was actually very easy.

Can Serrat, the name of the artists colony, is pretty outstanding albeit rustic in odd ways. It reminds me of Esalen in a way, though there are only 10 people here. I have a 'suite mate' named Daisy who is from SF and an artist, and befriended Jill, an artist from New Zealand and Roger an artist from Dover who looks so much like Roger on Mad Men. There is another Melissa here who lives and works here and so I've been dubbed "Mel" even though whenever anybody calls her name, I think they're speaking to me. There are a bunch more people but I'm not fully clear on who everybody is yet.

Last night we dined al fresco - I imagine that will happen every night - and the mosquitos started chomping on me immediately. It was shocking how many bites I had. I think I'll be wearing a thick coat of repellant from now on and every day.

The building is an old winery - very funky, a little moldy, cool, cavernous, communal bathroom area which is less than ideal but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I know of many friends/family who would be utterly grossed out, but when in Spain...

The resident cat just had kittens in May so there are a bunch of adorable black kitties everywhere. After dinner a bunch of us climbed a sort of jungle gym outside behind the property and upon reaching the landing this is what we saw:

 Roommate Daisy...

Incredible view of Monserrat mountains.

After dinner, everyone started setting up for Blues night here on the property. The evening started at around 10:30 pm. About 100 people came here and allegedly the best Blues band in Spain played. (That's debatable) I finally wandered back up to my room at 2:30 or so (also debatable) and shock of all shocks didn't awake until 1:45pm the next day. I think that was the last of the remaining jet lag. I feel really good today, even though the day is half over.

At some point I'll start writing? (my novel)

 Self-portrait getting ready for mischief.

The "best blues band in Spain".

Tonight we are going out to dinner in town since the chef isn't here on Sundays. Later, I have to figure out how to get to Toulouse next weekend to visit my friend Mimi.

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