Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Trip in Pictures - Reverse Order

I recently came back from Montreal where I was celebrating my Great Aunt's 100th birthday. Instead of boring you with the details, here is a sampling of photos from my 5-day trip.
Toward the end of the party the cousins gathered around Minchu to ask questions about their own parents, the siblings of the birthday girl.
Min blows out the candles on her gigantic birthday cake. I don't think there were 100 candles but I bet she would still have the lung power for that.
Cousin Gerry is about 6"5. Here he is kneeling to speak to the 4"9 (?) birthday girl.
At quick glance, Minchu looks so much like my beloved grandmother, Fay, her older sister.
Dad and cousin Murray's doggie, Buster.
Ellie and Ben, also in their 90's. (Spring chickens!)
Birdhouses in the trees along Sherbrooke.
The Ritz Carleton hotel on Sherbrooke, where I lived briefly in 1980. Eloise at the Plaza, Melissa at the Ritz.
Dinner with the amazing Canadian artist Anne Kahane - 86 and a real spitfire. Was I name- dropping when I told her she reminded me of Margaret Atwood? You betcha.