Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Black Kitties and Ants With Wings

Despite the title of this entry, this place just gets better and better. Instead of yapping about it, I'm just gonna post some pictures. I didn't make it to the Monastery today but I am going tomorrow instead. Actually got some writing done today, followed by a trip to the local grocery store and an evening full of food, cava and laughter. This place is truly magical and the bonds are already forming.

Michelle and Rebecca play with the kitties (Thing 1 and Thing 2) Tonight the proprieter (why can't I spell that?) Karine said they are taking the kitties to a shelter soon to be adopted. Michelle and I are scheming ways for this to not happen. I can't stand the thought of it because I've bonded with these two AND both the Mama and Papa cat live here.     

These archways are the view from my bedroom window. Just found out that once my roommate leaves next week, no one new is coming, so I've got a single for the rest of the stay, which is quite lovely!
Thing 1 and Thing 2 playing in the grass... oh, there are also giant ants with wings here. It makes my stomach turn. Apparently they are born, mate with the Queen or some female ants, develop wings and fly away and die. WTF? They are so big. Ick.

Roger Sterling...right? Doesn't this guy look like Roger Sterling from Mad Man? He's really Roger Hart, an artist and the funniest Brit ever. I wonder if he'll ever Google himself and find this picture?!
Ah, and here is Marcel, Karine's husband. They both run this place. He used to be the CEO of GE in Europe and 3 years ago quit to run Can Serrat. He is an amazing chef, the most gregarious person you've ever met and also almost made it to the men's Olympic gymnastics team, but broke his wrist before the team went off to compete in L.A. in 1984. Here he is showing us his moves...


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