Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodbye, Hello.

Lot's of goodbyes around here lately. The core group who's been here for the month of July is mostly gone and the August residents are trickling in. I'm here until August 6th, so I'll have a little bit of time to meet the new crop before I say my own goodbye.

Yesterday I went into Barcelona to see Pedro and the Sagrada Familia. I'm getting used to the bus routine... you hike up a little hill, cross the highway and hail the bus when it comes barreling down the road. Somehow it always stops! The picture above is a view of Can Serrat (this property) from the hike up. Yesterday the mountains looked very moody with layers of fog covering them.

I had seen the outside of the Sagrada Familia on previous trips, but never the inside. I was shocked at how modern looking it was. It was designed over 100 years ago. Such a vision!

The first thing I noticed in this picture was the sinister looking face that the windows form. It's like a jack-o-lantern. We sat in the prayer area talking (of course) I probably took 15 pictures of this same image. 

Outside there was some crazy demonstration/honking thing going on so the soundtrack to this crazy church was that crazy noise. What am I doing with my arms in this picture?

After stumbling across an old bullfighting arena, walking through town, walking, walking, walking... we FINALLY made our way to CAL PEP, the restaurant I've attempted to eat at at least 2 or 3 times but couldn't due to long lines. It wasn't open yet. Oy! Found a place down the street that served authentic tapas (where you pay by showing how many toothpicks you've accrued, see pic) and had a few appetizers before heading back to Cal Pep where we joined the hour (?) line. The food was amazing, albeit wayyyy tooo muuuch.

I said another goodbye and caught the last bus back to El Bruch, using the light of my iPad to guide me down the hill where I fell into bed, looking forward to my next adventure.

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