Friday, April 12, 2013

Rants and Raves


- Alex Trebek's attitude, as though he really knows the answers on Jeopardy. HE'S READING FROM CARDS.
- The girl who keeps showing up in yoga in BIKINI BOTTOMS! 
- Airline prices to Europe. WHY SO HIGH?
- Airline prices to Canada. WHY SO HIGH?
- Students at school. WHY SO HIGH?
- Tax return. WHY SO LOW?


-Yoga (minus BBG) Especially Sunday night restorative yoga.
- Bundles of Daffodils at Trader Joe's.
- ebooks from the library. 
- The bestie is coming to town this weekend!
- Shark Tank. The best show on television. (on a Friday night at least...)
- Reading at Book Soup on May 6!
- Pitch meeting next week.
- 3 more weeks of school.

More raves than rants, which makes it a great day!