Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Suddenly, I find, my life is taking place downtown.

Last week I was on jury duty. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good courtroom drama, but the flourescent lights were so... flourescent, the judge droned on and on, some other jurors were so annoying and the walk from Disney Hall, where we had to park, to the Criminal Courts building was just plain painful in slightly heeled sandals. Did I mention that the defendant was defending himself? Thankfully I had this fantastic book to keep me company.

On Friday, post jury duty, I had a reading downtown, however I wasn't dressed for a reading nor did I have any of my books in the car. After court I had to drive home (over an hour), shower, change, grab books and hop back in the car (almost 2 hours in peak traffic) to head back downtown for the reading. The night was a blast, but as I was saying my goodbyes, I experienced auras that signified a migraine was coming. And it came, keeping me company on my schlep back home.

Next semester I'll be teaching a course at my college's downtown campus, as well as teaching a few courses through this downtown writing salon. Oh, it's a lot of driving, but I'm excited to explore some restaurants, neighborhoods and other sights that I normally wouldn't get to see.

And then there's this spot that I imagine I'll be frequenting on my drive back home to the west side. Aaah. That might make it all worthwhile.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some Writing/Teaching news...

I spent last Sunday night reading the terrifying, haunting, overwhelming "A Stolen Life" by Jaycee Dugard. Why did I read this cover to cover before going to bed? Um, not sure. The psychological enormity of the situation is beyond comprehension. Dugard proves to be an excellent writer - even her journal entries written at 11-years old show what a good writer she is.

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Speaking of writing, I am on a panel this weekend and then teaching a few classes here as well. I'm looking forward to a new crop of people and the yummy food and drink that accompanies these events!

In other writing news, my piece, tentatively titled, "Rachael Ray Saved my Life" will be included in an anthology titled, "The Dish: Making the Food that Makes Your Family," forthcoming from Shambhala Publications (Fall, 2012). My friend Lisa co-edited this anthology with Caroline Grant and the sale of this project earlier this week marks the end of a very long search for the right publisher and the beginning of an exciting new chapter for them. I couldn't be more thrilled for them!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

5 Random Thoughts

1. I am teaching at this wonderful organization. Browse the menu of writing courses to see if anything sparks your interest. I am teaching a 1-day course titled, "Imagination Vacation," as well as co-teaching a longer novel writing workshop.

2. Happened to catch Jennifer Aniston on the James Lipton show earlier this week. I was so struck by her discomfort. She was constantly tugging on her hair, answering long questions with awkward one-word bites and making faces that expressed such sadness. Did anyone else happen to see this? What up with her?

3. You know you're living in L.A. when you've been invited to three "carmaggedon" parties. For the abroad readers: The 405 Freeway, a main driving artery, is being shut down this weekend for major construction. According to the media this is going to disrupt L.A. like no other. We'll see how it all plays out...

4. Many, many Canadian cousins visiting this month, eh?

5. Preliminary plans underway for the "25-years since we met" college party. I'm not sure when I became a reunion organizer, but I suppose I named this blog "Connections Clark" for a reason.