Monday, April 25, 2011


I can't believe my concert luck. I got to see two (actually, four) legends in a week.
The Paul Simon show at the intimate Music Box in Hollywood was such a thrill. I followed him around like a puppy in the late 80's/early 90's while he was touring with Graceland and Rhythm of the Saints, playing huge arenas. To see him up close and personal twenty years later was an honor. Sure, he's gone grey but now at 70, I think he's at the top of his game. His new work from So Beautiful or So What is outstanding, and he mixed it up with old classics, including many from the two albums I mentioned above.

A last minute Saturday night text changed the course of my evening. I was in the car h
eaded to meet up with friends for a poetry reading when I got invited to the Prince concert. I've written about Prince before. I am an ardent fan. So what was I supposed to say? No? I called the friend who's house I was driving to, explained the last minute change in plans, and headed to the Forum.
I don't think I'd been to the Forum since early college, when my friend lost her car at the Run DMC concert (and we had to call her father to pick us up). Before that, in high school, I saw many a concert there, including The Police (The Clash opened for them), Oingo Boingo, Tears for Fears, The Kinks, etc.

What a blast from the past.
I almost passed out when Prince announced the opening act - "My sister, your sister, everybody's sister, Ms. Chaka Kahn!" (legend #3) She was on fire, belting out my personal favorite karaoke song "I Feel For You", among others.

And then Prince.

I can't do the show justice, so I'm posting the setlist. Let me just say that the show ran 4 hours. And when it ended after the third encore, the lights up, people thinning out of the Forum, it wasn't over. About 15 minutes later, he was back on stage for a fourth encore. Wait, did I mention the third row seats?

I'll end by saying that whenever I see concerts, especially those of people I idolize, I feel so lucky to be alive and able to connect with musicians of my time.
  1. (with Prince & The Band interpolation)
  2. (with Sheila E.)
  3. (with Sheila E. and Larry Graham)
  4. (with Sheila E. and Larry Graham)
  5. (with Chaka Khan)
  6. (Sheila E. lead vocals, with Soul Sacrifice coda)
  7. (Shelby J. lead vocals)
  8. (with Let's Go Crazy Reprise)
  9. Encore:
  10. (Sampler medley)
  11. Encore 2:
  12. Encore 3:
  13. (with Welcome 2 America interpolation)
  14. (with Housequake interpolation)
  15. Encore 4:
  16. (with Sheila E.)
  17. (with I Like Funky Music interpolation)
  18. (changed to Inglewood Swinging)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Future Reading...

I am SO excited to read this book when it comes out next year. Seriously. I love stuff like this!

Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of California-Irvine and Harvard PhD Aaron James's ASSHOLES, A THEORY, a philosophical and behavioral inquiry, with copious examples, into what makes a person an asshole, their impact on the human social condition, their alarming contemporary proliferation, and how non-assholes can deal with them, to Gerry Howard at Doubleday, at auction.

What's on your reading list?