Monday, July 9, 2012

All Play, No Work?

I know I am supposed to be here writing fiction, and I'm sure I'll get to it eventually, but so far it's been lots of blogging, copious amounts of eating, a little drinking, lots of talking, and lots of time figuring out my trip to Toulouse next weekend. Oh, and just found out today that there are two art presentations happening here, one next week and one the week after with the community of El Bruc. I thought only the full-fellowship people were required to participate, but no, it's all of us. You KNOW what I'll be doing, right? That's right, Pechu-Kucha it is! I made sure to make my book available in Spain on Amazon in case there are any takers...

Every night the husband/wife proprieters (how do you spell that?) cook for us. Tonight it was tuna and salmon carpaccio, basil mashed potatoes, slices of zucchini from the garden (so big that one zucchini fed 12 of us) pork for the meat-eaters and caviar on toasted baguettes with fruits and lemons. I even ate it and it was phenomenal. 

I spoke at length with the other writer - Pablo. He teaches college in upstate NY and won an NEA this year. He'd applied 5 times and finally got it on the 5th try. How inspiring. As we were talking, the two kittens jumped into my lap and promptly fell asleep on each other. My leg fell asleep, too, but do you think I moved it? Of course not. Had to make sure the kitties were comfy. 

Tomorrow will be another day of non-writing as 4 of us are going to check out the Black Madonna at the Montserrat Monastery. This Jew is very excited to see it.

Have more stories about trying to get train tickets to France, but I can't bear to relive it... I'll be going on Sunday the 16th-Tues. 18th and will be on many trains and busses to get there. It will be fun to speak French and see one of my oldest friends, Mimi.

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