Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Show and Tell

Remember when you were in second grade and stood in front of your classroom displaying an object of interest? You had about 5 minutes to present said object to your fidgety classmates. I loved Show and Tell, listening to what other people found interesting... a doll brought back from a father's business trip, the new KISS album, a Happy Days lunchbox...

I could probably write pages about what I've been doing, what's on my mind, what I'm about to do, but instead I'll strip it down to a simple Show and Tell presentation:

I had an amazing trip to NYC in early June where I participated in a panel hosted by the organization Authors Unbound. It all felt very hi-tech, reading my novel from my iPad and presenting a Pecha Kucha slideshow.

Later, an eclectic mix of friends met at a rooftop bar (actually, we were one floor below rooftop because there was some sort of Romney event happening above...NOT our crowd!) Erika, Julie, Diane and myself. (with shout-outs to Michael, Sue's-a-lady, John and Daryl)

This book kept me company on the whole trip. I am absolutely loving it.

Speaking of books, when I was up at Esalen, this book caught my eye in the gift shop. (she was coming to speak there) I must say that it is a wonderful, groundbreaking book. It is all about how thoughts that are hindering you can be broken down and redefined. She illustrates this concept in a series of transcripts from her work. It's hard to explain, but I highly recommend it. Sure, it's a little self-helpy (no, it's TOTALLY self-helpy) but if I could afford to buy one for every person I knew, I would - it's that amazing.

This is the other book I've been reading lately. I am so excited to be heading to Barcelona on July 4th.

But first I'm heading here... to Catalina Island for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary! Apparently we're all doing the Zip Line. Wheeeeeeee!

Meanwhile, look at my chillaxin' cat - oh, to spread out on pillows like that and sleep the day away.

And hey, won't you be a doll and click on this video? It is my book trailer for "Imperfect". I've launched it on YouTube and have fantasies about it going viral. You might recognize that cat face. When she's not lounging on pillows, she's busy working.

Ciao for now!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's Up to You...

(sing it!)...New York...Neeeew York!

So happy to be here in the early summer, before the weather becomes smothering. 

Attached are a few pix of my trip so far:

Peek-a-boo clock tower...

Ginger tea and mood lighting at my new favorite restaurant, Franchia - Korean Vegan deliciousness.

Garden at the house I'm staying in. (I'm renting a room in the basement of a 4-story house in Grammercy. This could be my new favorite way to stay in NYC. The woman rents to only friends of friends. Should I consider doing this at the beach?)

 Dirty window obligatory wing shot on flight over here.

My reading is tonight night and I am alternately thrilled and petrified. I'm not sure why this reading is causing slight panic - most likely only self-imposed pressure. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and presenting my...say it with me...Pecha Kucha. (that sounds dirtier than it is) 

Yesterday, on the suggestion of a friend, I treated myself to an hour Chinese massage. A woman stepped all over me and I emerged pain-free (that sounds dirtier than it is, too)