Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Racing for the Cure

On March 23 I will be participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure here in Los Angeles. 

Won't you please consider donating to this very crucial cause? It only takes a minute, and every penny counts.

Please click here to read my reason for participating. Thank you for your consideration.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Teach, Tutor, Write, Sleep, Repeat.

My life lately has been teach, tutor, write, sleep, repeat, week after week after week I'm grateful for the work, and especially for the flow of words lately, when things have usually been stagnant. There are some big changes on the horizon, and I will be writing about them soon, but for now: teachtutorwritesleeprepeat.

One thing I'm very excited to announce is that this book is ready for preorder on Amazon and will soon be coming to a bookstore near you. Caroline Grant and Lisa Harper have put together a terrific and thoughtful anthology about food and family and community and I'm so thrilled to have an essay included in it. (My childhood friend Max also has a beautiful essay in it - one about his mother. In fact, our pieces are back-to-back in the book, which is kind of fun). My author copy arrived yesterday and I curled up on the couch to read a bunch of essays. What a treat!

I finally saw Lena Dunham's film "Tiny Furniture" and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it way more than I enjoy "Girls". I can't imagine writing and directing that good of a film at the tender age of 22. Hell, I can't imagine doing that now! I thought it was candid, raw and had a lot of heart. On a side note, Emily Nussbaum's recent New Yorker review of "Girls" makes some amazing points about "women's stories". I found it particularly interesting, I think, because my writing has been branded as "Women's Fiction", a title that has served my writing well, but that I loathe. (Don't get me started on the term "Chick Lit," which has finally gone down in flames... whatever happened to "novels"? As in, "I write novels"?)