Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Oh, Mexico

Just a quick entry, sans pictures. I am having an incredible time here in Mexico City. I have never been to a more exciting city with so much history, culture, great food, kindness, heat and dryness. Okay, the heat and dryness are nothing to write home about, but everything else is.

Yesterday's trip to the Presidential Palace almost brought tears to my eyes, standing in front of the iconic Diego Rivera murals. They are so thrilling, grandiose and bold. Truly, they made my heart quicken.

We also went to an incredible museum nearby... Mexican artists are allowed to pay their taxes with their art. How cool is that? There is a contemporary museum housing these artworks for all to see.

Temple Mayor, in the middle of the city, is a pyramid that was discovered in the late 70's when the electric company was fixing a lightbulb. Upon further investigation, and now 40+ years later, the city is in the middle of an endless excavation exercise, pulling artifacts from centuries ago. In fact, many of the buildings downtown are built over pyramids. I will post pictures once I get to San Miguel De Allende.

I have thoroughly enjoyed wandering this city, stepping in to the many museums (a thrilling architecture one the other day), eating delicious food, drinking Mezcal and simply observing a new culture.

We have decided to stay one more night here - not in the original plan. I will be having breakfast with a very old friend Mauricio Alejo, whom I met at an artists residency in Vermont a lifetime ago. Mauricio has become a well-known photographer and I am so excited to catch up with him. Later, my friend Jen and I will head to Casa Azul, Frida Kahlo's home in Couyacan. In preparation for our visit we watched the movie Frida last night. Oy, what a terrible film. It may as well have been called "As the World Turns" - no exploration of anything interesting, including the pain that she lived in from her street car accident, or her eccentricities... like... say...where did she get the monkeys?

Adios for now.

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