Friday, May 30, 2014


I am home after a lovely vacation in Mexico. 

Poor Mexico-- it gets such bad press. When I said I was heading there I can't tell you how many people grimaced and warned me to be careful. I travel a lot, and am careful everywhere I go. If you are fearful of Mexico because of all the negative press, don't be. It is a beautiful, culturally rich place to visit. Just try to stay away from the drug lords.

Catrina posing with spectators.

Church framed by trees.

Shoveling delicious coffee ice cream into my mouth. I ate a lot of street food and it's kind of a miracle I didn't get sick. 

Church at night. Cross lit up.

 Handcrafted jewelry.

Natural mineral baths at Escondito Hot Springs.

Lily pads and lily at hot springs.

Jen gets our stuff out of colorful lockers at hot springs.

On the bus ride from Queretero to the Airport in Mexico City, I read that Maya Angelou died. I was so shocked and saddened by the news. I teach Caged Bird every semester in my class and, as all teachers must feel, felt a special connection to this book and author, especially because the students respond so well to the story. I'm so grateful that I got to hear her speak at UCLA's Royce Hall three years ago. I blogged about that experience HERE. Rest in Peace, Dr. Angelou. Such a larger-than-life figure. She will be missed but her words will live on.

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