Saturday, May 24, 2014

More Mexico

I'm finally able to post pictures of my trip:

 Rivera murals at Presidential Palace took my breath away.

In 1999 I participated in a residency at the Vermont Studio Center where I met wonderful people including the fellow on the right, Mauricio Alejo. Thanks to the power of social media, we were able to reconnect online, and then in person. It was a pleasure meeting his wife and new baby Bruno. Mauricio is a photographer for The New Yorker and the New York Times Magazine, as well as countless other credits. You can see more of his work here...

Casa Azul is where Frida Kahlo was born and died. Among other things, her death bed and ashes are on display here. It was so thrilling walking around the property, seeing all the art work, and reading all the stories about her colorful, adventurous and tragic life.

Temple Mayor - pyramid being uncovered in the middle of the city. Hard to describe, but amazing to experience.

I am now in San Miguel De Allende, where my friend Jen moved almost three years ago. She was here on vacation a few years ago with her mom when she met the man she is now married to. What an adventurous girl my Jen is! Her husband Joaquin is an artist and his mentor is the artist Jordi Boldo. Are you following? Last night we travelled to the town of Quetero, about an hour away, to attend Jordi's opening at a museum.
 Jen ponders art.

And finally, some pix of just a few of the animals around here...

Mr. Bunny. Joaquin rescued him when he overheard someone at a market saying he'd make for a good soup.

There is a real Grey Gardens home across the street from where Jen lives. These are three of the 20ish cats that live there. Ewww, but ohhhh...

Below are neighbor dogs. So cute!

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