Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Last night we took a trip to the town of Evora for an "experimental concert in the dark." That is what we were told. We wound our way up to the walled city and ended up at a community arts center, that apparently used to be the home of someone very wealthy (or royalty? I'm not sure). Within minutes I was hugging and kissing the musicians. Everyone is very warm and friendly here. We were shuffled into a room (presumably once the living room of the rich or royal family?), doors were closed and lights turned off. For a minute I felt like I was in the Haunted House ride at Disneyland, and nervously waited for the elevator to drop. Instead the music started - sitar, guitar and drums. It was oh so dreamy and psychedelic. I kept thinking of George Harrison playing with Ravi Shankar in India. I really got lost in the music, lights out and all. When the concert ended, Karan (the other writer here) and I spoke with the sitar player who moved here from India. We drove back talking about religion, politics and creativity, arriving home at 12:30.

This morning was a trip the supermarket in the town of Estremoz. Tonight is a potluck dinner and we are all required to bring a dish. I could have stayed in the market for hours - how I love shopping in foreign markets! Everything is a wild guessing game.

There is talk about a ping-pong match for Thursday night. Ha! Little does anybody know that I grew up with a ping-pong table in my backyard. Minamee, the resident from Japan, is apparently the ping-pong champ. We'll see if I can dethrone her :)

Sadly, Karan, my writer and yoga buddy, is leaving on Sunday so we are all going to the castle for dinner on Saturday night to bid him farewell.

cork trees (with Mickey Mouse ears)
The owners of this property, Ludgar and Caroleen, are the most gracious hosts I've ever met. They have been doing this for 10 years and really know how to nurture and entertain their guests. Caroleen reminds me SO much of my friend Suzan, with her cheery disposition and appetite for life. She even looks like Suzan. (Suz, you and Adam might want to consider doing this - I think you are made for it!)

The place I'm staying - a converted barn - is so classy, sophisticated and welcoming. They renovated it themselves and you can feel the love in every room. More in the coming days...

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