Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 1 - No Writing, Lots of Hiking

my room
This morning I awoke to the clanging of bells and assumed it was one of the neighboring farms signaling breakfast was ready, but when the noise didn't stop for an hour, I went to explore. The answer made me giggle. The owner of this property calls it the "Sheep Orchestra". You see, there is a sheep farm on the other side of the mountain and often the sheep roam over this way to graze. Bells are attached to them so they sound every time they take a step. The noise is relentless and beautiful.

I'm told there is a pig farm next door. The previous owner, a male, was the pig castrater, just like his father, grandfather and so on. When he had kids, he only had girls, so the eldest grew up to become... you guessed it... a pig castrater. OY! She has since had triplets and I believe there is now a boy in the mix... not to be sexist or anything...

cute chickens
As I sit here writing, there are about four chickens circling me curiously. Damn, they're cute. So full of personality. When the cats walk by they don't even flinch. Everyone here seems to happily coexist - chickens, pigs, people, sheep and castles.

Ludgar, the owner and hike leader
We went on a two hour hike today to a lookout point. I am so not a hiker but who am I to say no to a group activity? I felt like Indiana Jones trekking through the bush. I will let the pictures do the talking. So much beauty. We ended up on a huge rock with views of the surrounding areas. No I have not begun working on the novel yet, but I figure this is all research for my book about Mother Nature.

pool on the property, castle on mountain

hiking with the gang

mountaintop destination
old railway used to transport Portugese Royal Family
proof that I made it to the top!

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