Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Putting it Out There"

That was my New Year's resolution. I guess it's less of a resolution and more of a theme of how I wanted to live in 2012.

It's the reason I published my second book, "Imperfect."

It's the reason I applied to five artists colonies - the applications as daunting and complicated as applying to graduate school.

The downside of putting it out there is that there is more to be rejected. 

I didn't get into the Dora Maar House, the residency in France that Picasso built for his lover. I didn't get into the Italian residency on the Tuscany coast. I didn't get into two others... both in Italy...but I did get into one in Spain!

In July I'm heading to Barcelona and then to the town of "El Bruc" for a month of writing. I have been craving a trip to Europe, as well as craving some good, uninterrupted writing time. I've already contacted my friend in Oxford to make sure she can come for a visit. I've been to Europe a number of times, but I've never been to Spain. I can't wait for the tapas, the wine, the art - Picasso, Miro and Dali museums. I can't wait to settle into my room in the farm house and see what transpires.

For now, it's Spanish tapes and sorting out frequent flier miles but in July... in July it's a new adventure. The good thing about putting it out there is that sometimes you actually get what you want.


Daniela said...

i love your posts! especially this one! congrats

jennifer said...

felicitaciones a mi amigo y la escritura feliz!
(you'll understand what that means by the time you get back!)

Anonymous said...

Melissa! So so wonderful. I love Spain. Julia was in Granada for 6 months her junior year, then returned to Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol near Malaga for a year as a bilingual teaching aide. We traveled with her & Josh for 3 weeks - incredible! Hard to be a vegetarian there - delicious hams hanging everywhere, even the gas stations. Parque Guell in Barcelona with the amazing mosaics by Gaudi will take your breath away. His work is all over the city. So inspiring - your adventure begins NOW! Love, Lyra