Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tweet Tweet and Anxiety Dreams

I have a renewed love for Twitter. Where else can a girl follow Margaret Atwood and Queen Latifah's witty comments? I also love reading updates from NPR host Scott Simon (who's radio piece a few years ago introduced me to Twitter in the first place), the New York Times Book Review, Whole Foods, Roger Ebert and of course my real friends. Do you Twitter? Who do you follow? I'm @lilok30 in case you want to follow me, though admittedly I don't update that often.

Last night I had my first back-to-school anxiety dream. I have these at the start of every semester so I'm kind of used to them, but last night's was particularly stressful. I was trying to go over the syllabus in class but all the students were talking over me. I was worried about one particular kid in the corner who seemed sullen and troubled. I was screaming but no one could hear me because they were talking so much. I went outside and found my boss. I was hyperventilating and she kept trying to calm me down. She told me to go back in and do the best I could. When I finally reentered the classroom, class was over and the students were walking out. I realized I hadn't gone over their assignment for the next week, so at the top of my lungs I yelled, "Read the Bell Jar!!!!" I awoke with a start and a scratchy throat. I wonder if I talked in my sleep?

I had a good month off and enjoyed skiing, lots of yoga, catching up with friends, reading and seeing movies, but it's back to work on Tuesday.

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