Monday, September 30, 2013


Me and my neurotic, jumpy, stubborn 12-year-old cat had to move out of my home for almost 8 days while hardwood floors were installed. Where'd we go? My parents' house! When we arrived my mom requested that the cat not spend any time in their living room, and especially not on their living room couches. I wasn't sure how to explain that I couldn't control my cat when I wasn't there - and I wasn't there a lot. One afternoon when I was at work, I got the following photo from my mom:
There she is...Ms. Percy...looking so comfy on the forbidden couch. Allegedly she hissed at my dad when he tried to move her. Ooops. I didn't say she had manners. Eight days later, she howled all the way home and looked and acted very confused when she stepped into my place. I am starting to get used the click click of her nails on the hard wood. And I am definitely getting used to the hard wood.

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