Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to Reality

Well, I just knew it.

Spain was too wonderfully perfect for things to continue going so swell.

I came home to a myriad of medical situations, all with hefty price tags attached (have you had a dental crown lately? wtf?), and then a lovely phone call 5 hours before going to teach my first class of the semester. "Class is canceled." Oh. Great. (Low enrollment is sweeping the nation and finally hitting my sweet, small art school)

Well, this just forces me to take action, which I will.

Meanwhile, the years keep rolling by. I celebrated another birthday yesterday. (which, of course is something to be grateful for!) The family went for a delicious lunch at the Bel Air Hotel. We were very classy playing with my nephew's cut-out project:

Lunch was amazing. Wolfgang Puck now runs the restaurant. It was a bonus that he was at the table next to us eating lunch with his wife. (no pics, didn't want to be rude). I had the Japanese Salmon Salad - colorful and so tasty. We ordered a Spanish white wine, so I could pretend I was still in Spain where life was perfect.

Too bad nephew came down with some sort of flu during the middle of lunch, after we'd all stuck our tongues through the same piece of paper.

Okay, back to work...

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