Sunday, February 5, 2012

Off to See the Wizard

My latest exercise craze has been biking to the Santa Monica pier and back every other day. This 70 degrees winter weather has been a dream come true and I zip down the bike path fully appreciating the golden sand and sparkling sea. The other day I realized my trips to the pier resemble that of the journey in the Wizard of Oz. No flying monkeys or Opium trips (well, that might actually be happening at the boardwalk), but lots of surreal sights, nonetheless. Take, for example, last Friday. I hopped on my bike and sped down the alley until I reached the bike path. I'd forgotten both my sunglasses and my iPod so I was really forced to look at my surroundings. A homeless man made eye contact with me. "God Bless you," he said, nodding. I was blessed by God four times that day. Did I look like I needed help? Had I sneezed and not heard myself? Or is that just the new greeting? Further along I spotted a woman riding her bike on the other side of the path. She had headphones on and was singing "I'm Not Gonna Write You A Love Song" at full volume in a high pitched operatic tone. I saw a dog riding a skateboard, a dog in a bike basket, a dog wrapped like a scarf around a rollerblader. And when I biked under the pier, I emerged at the giant tent - the wizard of Cirque du Soleil, which is pitched for their latest show, "OVO". L.A. is many things, including the land of illusions, but one can't deny how colorful it is - from the blues and yellows of the beach to the blues and yellows of circus tents...

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