Monday, September 19, 2011

Before and After

Wow! College was so long ago. Who are those babies in these pictures? This photo might have been within days of meeting each other for the first time on the 5th floor of our dorm in Boston. John is already doing toothpaste shots and I'm grabbing Mark with OJ's glove.

And here, John's tongue is out, as it usually was, and Katie's got that signature smile on her face. I believe we are at Noelle's house in Cohassat, MA, where we used to escape sometimes on weekends. Shout out to Catherine Pouch in the background.
Well, we're all grown up now (I guess that's debatable, but certainly we're all aged up now) and here we are at the Hollywood Bowl 25 years later (for 80's night, no less - Berlin, The Fixx, the B52's and Human League - how perfect is that?). The last time Diane, Mark, Katie, Noelle, John and I were all together was perhaps 1987.

Although college was a blast, specific memories are vague at best. I mean, do you remember details about what you were doing 25 years ago?

There were a lot of parties - too many of us stuffed in dorm rooms, drinking and dancing. I remember typing many papers on my giant-sized Brother typewriter, which seemed so modern at the time. I remember being sick a lot - this California girl not quite sure how to dress for the snow. (The storms were so thrilling, though - sleet, hail, snow!)

A bunch of us reunited over this past Labor Day weekend. We sifted through photo albums, jogged each other's memories, spent hours on my couch gabbing, gabbing, gabbing. We ate, we drank, we even sang...

RW really feels it when he's behind the mic...

Overall, it was a spectacular weekend. Time really does have wings and I'm glad we were able to capture these moments before the next 25 evaporate before our eyes.


Diane McKernan said...

Saying I love it would be a huge understatement. What a lovely tribute. But then, who better to write such a beautiful piece than our own published novelist?! Thank you so, so much. Love ya, Di

Anonymous said...

I'm weeping here.
xxxo 4eva

chicks said...

Oh, this post is so sweet and a bit sad. Ah, to be a carefree kid again. But somehow I do remember a few of those details of knowing some of my favorite friends of all time. So let's all sing together Elton John's "That's Why They Call It the Blues" on the shuttle bus of our minds...